Free yourself from perfectionism

Perfectionism causing problems? Transform it into healthy striving.

Tired of your perfectionism getting in the way?

Here is our 4-step process for helping you transform your perfectionism into healthy striving! 💃🕺🏻⁠

Step 1️⃣: List the ways your perfectionism both benefits & costs you⁠

Your perfectionism is (or was) serving you in some adaptive way, otherwise you wouldn’t have this tendency. Notice how it’s starting to get in the way. We need to better understand our relationship with perfectionism in order to start transforming it. ⁠

Step 2️⃣: Increase awareness of your critical thoughts⁠ which fuel perfectionism

These thoughts fuel our perfectionism, it’s what keeps us believing that we have to get it perfect otherwise we’re a failure. Notice how they come up towards yourself and towards people around you.⁠

Step 3️⃣: Give yourself permission to flail.⁠

Yes we said it – flail, make mistakes! The dread you must be feeling as you read this. The ultimate way to transform our perfectionism is to change our actions. Start small with something that doesn’t scare you as much – revise an email only once, let the dishes sit in the sink overnight, share something embarrassing you did to a friend.⁠

Step 4️⃣ Practice⁠ imperfection

We can’t expect that critical voice to change overnight, nor will you all of a sudden be ok with making mistakes and “flailing”. Be intentional, start small, do it IMPERFECTLY!⁠

When you transform perfectionism into healthy striving, you will notice less anxiety, less fear, and more ease in your life. Sounds good, right?😎⁠

Looking for some guidance to get started? ⁠

Get unstuck from your perfectionism

☀️Try our Lifted Life’ workbook to help jumpstart your personal growth journey. Inside our therapist-designed guide are all sorts of self-reflective exercises, tools, and strategies to move you out of old habits and into a more self-compassionate, better version of yourself.

You can learn more about The Lifted Life guide here. It’s great for those who are unsure about seeing a counsellor, can’t afford therapy sessions, or want this as a complement to their therapy.⁠

Counselling for perfectionism

We hope that this information has helped you to shed some light on what may be underneath your desire to be or appear perfect!⁠ This is the first step towards change. But if you are ready to dive deeper and focus on making significant changes in your life, you may benefit from working through this with one of our amazing counsellors. To book a session, click here.

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