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  • Counselling for Relationships

    Having Relationship Struggles?

    Maybe this sounds like you:

    “We have the same argument over and over!”

    “Our communication could really use some work.”

    “What’s wrong with us? Are relationships supposed to be this hard?”

    “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore… should I stay or go?”

    Counselling can help couples to understand some of the dynamics going on in your relationship, as well as provide the skills needed to make changes and increase your effectiveness as a team.

    There are many issues that may have led you here.  The most common ones include communication, sex, task division, finances, infidelity, or even day-to-day personality differences.  There are also certain times in life that can be especially difficult for couples, including the transition of moving in together, deciding to commit or get married, the process of trying to get pregnant, or becoming parents for the first time.

    Therapy can help you to:

    • Learn skills to help you communicate in a healthy way
    • Learn how to “fight fairly”
    • Figure out where to focus your energy
    • Understanding what you want in a relationship
    • Align your goals, priorities, and expectations
    • Feel more connected to each other
    • Rebuild the relationship after an affair or betrayal

    Looking for the shortcut to better communication in your relationship?

    You’ll love our downloadable workbook, Fight Less, Fight Fair!

    Or, you can access our library of free downloadable resources for helpful cheat sheets on navigating common relationship issues.