Counselling for New Parents

The transition to parenthood is both beautiful and HARD. We provide counselling for new parents who describe struggling with this transition, or finding that they aren’t satisfied with where their relationship is. Common complaints include: more bickering, fights that last longer, built-up resentment, feeling unappreciated, and a lack of general intimacy. Therapy can help to improve communication for new parents, and give you tools to feeling more like a team.

Sound familiar?

“We are fighting way more than we did before, over the most insignificant things…”

“This is not what I imagined having a baby would be like.”

“I feel like we are roommates, not partners.”

“Is this even the person I married?”

“Can we get through this?”

Parenthood can test our limits – including the love that we have for our partner. Most of us imagine that having a baby will bring us closer together. But the truth is, a new baby can shake the foundation of even the most connected relationships.

Becoming a new parent is one of the hardest tasks a couple will face, and for good reason: a new identity as a mother or father. Hormonal changes. Sleepless deprivation. So many unknowns. Next to no time for yourself. Isolation. And just dealing generally with all of the stress of life with a new baby! These issues at up and become a perfect storm for resentment, disconnection, miscommunication, and even doubting the relationship itself or your decision to become parents. Know that you aren’t alone in your feelings – and you will get through it.

How Can Therapy Help Your Relationship?

Learn skills to help you communicate in a healthy way.

Figure out practical next steps and where to focus your energy.

Find clarity about your wants and needs within your relationship.

Align your goals, priorities, and expectations.

Work towards greater connection and intimacy.

Rebuild after a relationship rupture or built-up resentment.

Ready to Get Started?

You don’t need to go through this alone. We have a team of counsellors that can support you during this time of change. If you’re not sure what kind of support you need, we’ll be happy to match you with a counsellor that’s the right fit.

Our New Parent Counsellors

Ruth Skutezky

Saba Hessamian