Premarital Counselling & Preparing for Parenthood

Our team can help determine which premarital or baby prep program is best for you, and can happily customize a package based on your unique needs.

Premarital Counselling

PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Program

Our premarital counsellors are certified as PREPARE/ENRICH facilitators, considered to be one of the leading relationship and couples assessment tools. It has been scientifically validated and automatically tailors the content of the relationship assessment to fit each couple’s unique relationship needs.

In this program, each partner fills in an online questionnaire, designed to measure relationship strengths, growth areas, personality similarities, and differences. Our counsellor then reviews the results and couples are taught skills to enhance their relationship in these key areas. Couples are also provided with a concise report to take home.

Learn more about the PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Program by clicking below.

Preparing for Parenthood

Entering counselling prior to becoming a family is an excellent way to enhance your confidence in the relationship and prepare for the journey ahead.

In this more proactive form of counselling, you can expect to:

  • Create a concrete plan for the “4th Trimester” so that you can feel more prepared
  • Work through any disagreements or differences ahead of time
  • Strengthen your understanding of and appreciation for your partner so you are starting out on the right foot
  • Learn tools that can reduce future conflict and carry you through this stressful period of life with a new baby
  • Explore expectations with your partner so that you can create a shared vision of this vulnerable time
  • Get clear on what would be helpful from friends and family

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