FAQ About Counselling

Our goal is to demystify the counselling process for you, as we know it can feel intimidating.

We are happy to answer some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Read on to learn more about the counselling process.

“I found a counsellor who I think is a good fit. How do I book my first appointment?”

Once you’ve matched with a therapist, you can book online here using the very user-friendly Jane app. Or, if you prefer, you can email the counsellor directly and they would be more than happy to help you.

“I’ve booked my counselling appointment online. What happens next?”

Now that you have an online profile created in our Jane app, and your first session has been booked, you will automatically receive an email containing your intake form(s). Please complete these prior to meeting your therapist. We suggest taking a bit of time to give thought to these  questions, as this will help your therapist get up to speed on your current struggles and save you time in your first session. 

"What can I expect during my first session?"

A first session is all about sharing your background and building that initial trust. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions about the counselling process or share more about what you’ve benefitted from (or not) in past therapy. You and your counsellor will get more clear on the changes you’d like to create in your life. You may walk away with a strategy, new tool, or new perspective. It’s normal to feel nervous, however most clients say after their first session, they feel heard and a sense of relief for having started the process!

"Should I book a whole bunch of sessions right away, or book them as I go?"

Our experience is that clients tend to want to build on the momentum they’ve created in starting therapy, so you may want to book in sessions weekly or bimonthly, depending on what your concerns are. Once you’ve found some flow or stability, you can space these sessions out to your liking. We also find, given busy schedules, that it is more convenient to cancel appointments later if no longer needed, rather than looking for availability close to the date. 

"How often should I attend counselling?"

Considerations for session spacing is based on your concerns, therapy goals, finances, and of course your own schedule/availability. Please discuss your therapy pacing with your counsellor and they will be happy to help you create a treatment plan. 

"How does payment work? Do you offer direct billing?"

Many of our clients use their extended benefits to pay for some or all of their sessions. Illuminate Counselling does not offer direct billing; so you would pay for your session (by credit card or e-transfer), after which you will be automatically sent a receipt. All of the information that you need to submit your claim will be provided.

Ready to Get Started?

Our team of counsellors are ready to help make your journey with therapy as seamless as possible, right from the start. If you’re not sure who could be the right fit for you is, we’d be happy to help.

Our Team of Counsellors

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