7 Reasons Premarital Counselling is Worth Considering

If you are reading this, perhaps you are considering engagement or already planning your wedding. As you lean further into a committed relationship, it is a great time to consider how to ensure that your relationship is solid and resilient. One option that is becoming more and more popular is premarital counselling. While it may not be the first thing on your wedding planning checklist, investing time and effort into your relationship can have long-lasting benefits for your relationship.

Premarital counselling gives couples a supportive and structured environment to address important topics and potential challenges they may face in their marriage. Here are 7 reasons why premarital counselling is worth considering:

1.  Enhanced Communication Skills

Effective communication is key to any successful relationship. Premarital counseling offers couples the opportunity to learn and practice healthy communication techniques. From expressing needs to resolving conflicts more constructively, these skills are crucial for any long-term relationship.

2.  Conflict Resolution Skills

Every relationship will have conflicts – it’s part of sharing a life with another person (who is probably quite different from you!) It’s how you manage them that matters. Premarital counselling equips couples with strategies to navigate disagreements in a respectful way, understand the importance of repair, and learning to find common ground.

3.  Exploration of Values and Expectations

Before saying “I do,” it’s important to check in on your values, goals, and expectations for the future. Premarital counselling gives couples a way to explore these topics openly and honestly. From finances and career to family planning and lifestyle preferences, understanding each other’s perspectives and expectations helps couples feel prepared and equipped for whatever comes their way.

4.  Building Trust and Intimacy

Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and premarital counselling helps couples cultivate trust and intimacy. Through exercises and discussions, couples can address any lingering resentment from the past as well as fears that can get in the way of connection. Strengthening the emotional bond between partners lays a solid foundation for your relationship.

5.  Mitigating Future Relationship Issues

Addressing potential issues before they escalate can help to mitigate future conflicts and challenges. Premarital counselling allows couples to identify any red flags or areas of concern and work proactively to address them. By addressing these issues early on, couples can build resilience and develop strategies to overcome obstacles together.

6.  Preparing for Life Transitions

Marriage can be a catalyst for significant life changes, and premarital counselling prepares couples for the transitions ahead. From adjusting to married life and merging families to planning for children (or not), moving or navigating career changes, premarital counselling helps give couples the tools to work through life’s ups and downs as a team.

7.  Investment in Your Relationship

Just as you invest time and effort into planning your wedding day, premarital counselling is an investment in your relationship’s future. It shows your commitment and your willingness to work through issues that may have been getting in the way of being as connected as you could be.

In conclusion, premarital counselling offers couples a valuable opportunity to strengthen their relationship and prepare for the journey ahead. So, before you say “I do,” think about investing in premarital counselling — it’s the best gift you can give to each other and your future together!

Conversation Starters to Help Prepare for Marriage

Another great resource which our counsellors developed are our Conversation Starters Before Getting Married. This can help a couple kickstart conversations about their future, as a compliment to counselling or as a standalone exercise.

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