Counselling for New Parents

Adjusting your Relationship to Parenthood

Maybe this sounds like you:

“We are fighting way more than we did before, over the most insignificant things…”

“This is not what I imagined having a baby would be like.”

“I feel like we are roommates, not partners.”

“Is this even the person I married? Can we get through this?”

Most of us imagine that having a baby will bring us closer together.  But the truth is, a new baby can shake the foundation of even the most connected relationships.

Becoming a new parent is one of the hardest tasks a couple will face, and for good reason: a new identity as a mother or father.  Hormonal changes.  Sleeplessness.  Next to no time for yourself.  Isolation.  And just dealing generally with all of the stress of life with a new baby!  These issues at up and become a perfect storm for resentment, disconnection, miscommunication, and even doubting the relationship itself or your decision to become parents.

Know that you aren't alone in your feelings - and you will get through it.

Therapy can help you to:

  • Learn skills to help you communicate in a healthy way
  • Learn how to “fight fairly”
  • Figure out where to focus your energy
  • Understanding what you want in a relationship
  • Align your goals, priorities, and expectations
  • Feel more connected to each other
  • Rebuild after resentment

Looking for the shortcut to get your relationship back on track?

You'll love our online course or e-book, New Parents Relationship SOS!

Or, you can access our library of free downloadable resources for helpful cheat sheets on navigating common relationship issues.