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  • Counselling for Anxiety

    Having Anxiety Challenges?

    Maybe this sounds like you:

    “I can’t turn my mind off, I’m constantly worrying”

    “I feel like everyone is judging me in social situations”

    “My chest is tight, and I'm always tense”

    “I often catch myself forgetting to breathe"

    Any of these sound familiar? Approximately 25% of the population will, at some point in their lives, meet the criteria for 1 or more anxiety disorders ( And an even greater amount of individuals, who don’t qualify for an anxiety disorder, still have some type of relationship with anxiety.

    There are many possible causes of your own relationship with anxiety. It may be clear to you where/why this anxiety started, and it’s quite possible that you have no idea why you’re an anxious person.

    Therapy can help you to:

    Explore the roots of where anxiety is originating from. There is power in understanding WHY your body & mind are doing what they’re doing. Because believe it or not, anxiety is actually there for a reason - it’s our body trying to send us a message.

    Understand what is actually happening in their mind/body. Understanding the physiology of anxiety is empowering - it gives insight into HOW and WHEN to properly support yourself. You’ll become much more aware of your own nervous system after a counselling session with Illuminate.

    Learn new ways of coping. We’ll examine what you’re already doing to support yourself (you may not be aware of it yet, but there’s always something helpful you’re already doing for yourself). We’ll also explore new “tools” to add to your “coping toolbox” - these will be customized because it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. This will help you to co-exist with anxiety where it’s not always the one in control.

    If you're ready to get started with therapy, connect with one of our counsellor online or in our North Vancouver office! Learn more about our team here.

    Looking for more info?

    Access our library of free downloadable resources for helpful cheat sheets on coping with anxiety & stress.