• Tips for the Mother-to-be on THRIVING into parenthood

    Maybe you’re in your final trimester or even the last few weeks of pregnancy, and suddenly it hits you: I AM ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY. 

    Read on for the top tips on how to mentally prepare!

    Try to not worry too much about having all of the baby ‘stuff’

    Get the essentials to make you feel prepared.  It usually helps to talk to friends or other moms about what they couldn’t live without.  But know that if you really need something, you can always go get it or have it delivered within days.  I needed cute crib sheets to feel ready.  You may need a giant stuffed giraffe for the nursery.  To each their own! 


    With the arrival of a new family member right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted clothes or clutter.

    Treat yourself to some self-care 

    This will probably be neglected for the next year, so get a haircut, a massage, go to the dentist, or sit at the beach and read a book.  Whatever you consider self-care – stock up now!

    Sleep sleep sleep!

    As mentioned above, try to stock up and sleep as much as possible.  It may not be physically possible to save it for later (if only!), but give yourself permission to rest and sleep as much as your body needs to, especially in the last couple of months when the energy going into your pregnancy is going to really ramp up. And again, sleeping in when the baby comes will be fairly non-existent, so enjoy it now 🙂

    Reflect on what you are expecting this time may be like

    Journal or talk to your friends who are already mothers about what it was like for them.  Everyone’s journey is so unique – but hearing others’ stories helps us to keep our own expectations realistic.

    Finally, dive into deep conversations with your partner about the journey ahead

    For example, you could ask your partner:

    • What are you most anxious about? 
    • What is our postpartum plan?  
    • Are our finances in order? 
    • Who is going to help in the early days, and for how long?
    • What are our expectations of each other? And our families?
    • Knowing our strengths and challenges as a couple, where might we do well in this adjustment? 
    • Where might we struggle?

    I know these conversations aren’t necessarily as fun as picking out baby names, but they are SO SO important! AND you will find that if you make them a priority, you feel so much more prepared.  So much relationship conflict comes down to differing expectations and not communicating well about your vision as you enter this next chapter.  So talk about things NOW!

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