• Prepare your Relationship for Baby

    Entering counselling prior to becoming a family is an excellent way to enhance your confidence in the relationship and prepare for the journey ahead.

    In this more proactive form of counselling, you can expect to:

    • Create a concrete plan for the “4th Trimester” so that you can feel more prepared
    • Work through any disagreements or differences ahead of time
    • Strengthen your understanding of and appreciation for your partner so you are starting out on the right foot
    • Learn tools that can reduce future conflict and carry you through this stressful period of life with a new baby

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    The Mom Feed - Episode 17 - How to Childproof your Marriage

    "The best thing a couple can do in preparing to have a child for the first time is to prepare their relationship. Ask the tough questions! Who will cook? Clean? Change diapers? What are the expectations?"

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