• 5 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Counselling

    Fall. It’s that time of year when you can really notice the seasons change before your eyes. Maybe you catch the sun setting earlier each day, or the little nip in the air that wasn’t there a few weeks before has you reaching for your scarf.

    As therapists, we notice certain times when more clients reach out for help, along with issues that seem to be more common this time of year.

    This is by no means a perfect science but rather speaks to the human condition and our natural cycles in our emotions, mindsets, and motivation. Further to this, we have found that fall has a way of creating the perfect opportunity for people to engage in personal work such as counselling.

    Here are our top 5 reasons why fall can be a great time to consider starting, or re-starting, work with a counsellor.

    1. Finally, you have some time in your schedule for self-care

    For many, summer is bustling with activity – time with family, and friends, maybe a vacation, and the seemingly constant pursuit of recreation. Sometimes we hardly have a chance to even catch our breath because we are swept up by the hustle of it all.

    By the time fall comes, you may have found that your weekends and evenings aren’t so crammed full of commitments. Rather there may be opportunities to decide what you’d like to do with your precious time. So if you’ve been thinking about going to counselling for a while, fall may that opportunity.

    2. Counselling to help you reflect & recalibrate

    When we have more time, a few other things follow. We usually have a chance to hear our own thoughts, feel our own feelings, and generally assess our life. What’s working? What’s not? What unhelpful habits are we still trying (or not trying) to break? Which relationships are restorative and fun, compared to those people that we dread spending time with?

    All of these questions are worth revisiting from time to time. Some of the answers will motivate us to commit to major changes, while other realizations are more subtle, reminding us about some minor tweaks that could noticeably improve our lives.

    3. Counselling can help to de-stress

    As fun as summer can be, it also has a way of being intense, chaotic, as well as demanding of our time and energy. For those who take some summer vacation, you may have found that too can be stressful – the work you’re trying to get done before you leave, and the pile that’s waiting for you when you get back.

    If you’ve travelled across the country or internationally, you’ve probably also dealt with all of the frustrations and stress of navigating airports, possibly travelling with children (as any parent can attest, this should be considered an Olympic sport). Often by the time fall rolls around, we can feel burnt out and in much need of a different kind of recharge. The kind that is about putting YOU and your needs at the forefront.  Therapy can help you work through the sources of your stress or anxiety, and determine better ways of managing it.

    4. Therapy can help ease any transition

    Humans generally don’t like change. For most people, once the change happens we do ok, but the anticipation of it, even the changing seasons, can create a sense of resistance. A therapist can provide support during difficult transitions. This could just be in the short term – until you find your feet again. Or consistent counselling can help you see and prepare for changes as they arise, as well as keep you accountable for maintaining your mental health practices!

    5. Counselling for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    For some individuals, especially those suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the winter months can be tough; which makes fall a time riddled with anxiety, as you anticipate the long (potentially cold and dark) months ahead. This is a great time to get extra support! Therapy can help you to process any of these feelings, as well as help you to make a plan for minimizing the impact of these symptoms on your life.

    Ready to connect with a counsellor?

    If you are ready to get started with a counsellor, you can book online here.  Our skilled therapists will help you through whatever life has thrown your way, and guide you closer towards your goals. Illuminate Counselling offers in-person counselling in North Vancouver or online in several Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI, Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

    And, if you aren’t ready to see a counsellor, there are also some great self-help options. For example, our therapists have developed The Lifted Life Workbook, a self-help guide for anyone who feels like they don’t know where to start, or feels stuck. This guide covers foundational exercises that we often explore in the early stages of therapy, and will help you to jumpstart your goals. It is a great option for those who aren’t quite sure about counselling.