• Counselling for Breakups

    Rebuilding after a Relationship Ends

    Maybe this sounds like you:

    “I’m heartbroken… I thought he was the one.”

    “I know it’s for the best, but I’m having a really hard time adjusting to being single.”

    “Did I try hard enough to make it work?”

    “I thought I’d feel relief – but instead I just feel doubt and sadness.”

    Breakups are one of life’s most difficult challenges, a loss that can feel as though a part of you is missing. If this was a surprise ending, it can be hard to know where to start, and you are likely still in shock. If this was your decision or a mutual ending, it still can come with difficult feelings, including doubt, sadness, anger, or feeling like you are starting at square one in your search for a partner who understands you and wants the same things.


    No matter the circumstances, therapy can help you to:

    • Process what led the relationship to end
    • Begin rebuilding your life
    • Get back in touch with who you are as a single person
    • Rediscover your strengths and your voice
    • Support you through the loss and your journey towards healing

    Looking for more info?

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